EconSource: Iraq Transfers $500 Million to Kurds in Budget Deal
The Iraqi government transferred $500 million to the autonomous Kurdish region as part of a deal to end oil and budget disputes. The Kurdish autonomous region began moving oil to federal oil tanks in the Turkish port of Ceyhan, upholding their side of the deal to give 150,000 bpd to Baghdad. This deal marks an important step in improving ties between Baghdad and Irbil.

[AFP, 11/19/2014]

Jordan achieves stable growth despite regional challenges

The International Monetary Fund said that the Jordanian economy has been resilient despite the difficult regional environment. The Jordanian economy growth has stabilized at 3 percent with inflation dropping by 2.3 percent. This achievement is especially commendable with the fluctuations and shortfalls in gas supplies from Egypt, the Syrian crisis, and the conflict in Iraq.  [Zawya, 11/18/2014]

Tripoli government says local councils have started receiving funding

According to the Tripoli government, the government has begun transferring funds to local councils. Based on the budget approved by the General National Congress, all local councils are entitled to three budget payments. The first payment is to be distributed equally among the councils, the second according to population size, and the third based on the district area. [Libya Monitor (subscription), 11/19/2014]

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