EconSource: Libya plans ‘smart cards’ to cut fuel subsidies that boost smuggling

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Libya plans to limit the costly subsidies its citizens enjoy when buying motor fuel – much of which is smuggled into Tunisia for resale at higher prices – by introducing a “smart card” system like one newly implemented in neighboring Egypt. When the system is in place citizens will be able to buy a limited amount of subsidized fuel, and will have to pay a normal, market price for any extra quantities. [Reuters]
Abdulmagid Breish, the chairman of Libya’s sovereign wealth fund, said it plans to hire external companies to manage about $11 billion of its assets under a restructuring plan. The Libyan Investment Authority, valued at about $66 billion by Deloitte LLP, will split its assets into three distinct funds starting as soon as next year. [Bloomberg]
Tunisia’s President Moncef Marzouki announced today his decision to voluntarily take a two-thirds pay cut as the government grapples with a financial situation it has described as “critical.” Presidential spokesman Adnane Mansar had said that Marzouki earned a gross monthly wage of TND 30,000 ($18,870), and a net income of TND 20,000 dinars (around $13,000). [AFP]
Yemen is considering the establishment of 13 industrial zones across its six planned administrative regions in a bid to stimulate development and create job opportunities. Yemen’s president and main political parties in February voted to transform the country into a six-region federation in line with the outputs of the National Dialogue Conference. [Al-Shorfa
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