EconSource: Russia to supply Egypt with LNG

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A source at the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum confirmed that Russia’s Gazprom has agreed to supply seven shipments of liquefied natural gas (LNG) beginning in August. Egypt has been trying in various ways to provide energy sources necessary for the country to run power plants after the interruption of frequent stream during the summer. [Reuters (Arabic)]
PM: Jordanian economy starts recovering
Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said that Jordan’s economy has started to recover and is moving steadily in the right direction despite the global financial downturn, the crisis in Syria and its repercussions on the Kingdom. [JNA]
Tunisia: ‘Wages will be paid without delay’
Tunisian Minister of Economy and Finance, Hakim Hammouda, assurance the public that salaries of civil servants would be paid without delay despite the difficult economic situation. He said that the government would not adopt a policy of austerity, even if there was a need to take steps to better manage consumption during the coming period while mobilizing the country’s own resources and seeking additional resources from the outside. [African Manager, L’Economiste Maghrebin (French)]
Yemen and the World Bank signed a $50-million agreement on Tuesday to fund development and service projects in the country. The new financing aims to provide Yemenis with urgently-needed job opportunities in the public works sector in a bid to enhance social recovery and economic growth. [Al-Shorfa]
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