EconSource: Tunisia Asks Libya for Cheaper Oil
Tunisia has asked Libyan authorities to supply oil at cheaper prices to help it cope with the influx of Libyans into the country. Tunisian Foreign Minister Mongi Hamdi said that Libyans are “guests” in Tunisia, not “refugees,” and expressed optimism about Libyans reaching a political settlement to their crisis. Until then, however, given the negative effects of growing numbers of Libyans on Tunisia’s economy, he said it was unreasonable to expect Tunisia to buy oil at market prices, “only for Libyans to use after it has been subsidized by our government.” There was no immediate response from Libya’s National Oil Corporation, which has come under increasing pressure as the situation in the country deteriorates.

[Libya Monitor (subscription), 12/4/2014]

AfDB grants 176 million euros for largest solar power station in Africa

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved one loan of 100 million euros and another of $119 million for phase II of the Ouarzazate solar complex project. The project is part of the Moroccan Solar Energy Programme (NOOR), which aims to develop a minimum capacity of 2,000 MW by 2020 in order to secure power supplies for the country’s economy. Morocco currently depends to 95 percent on external sources for its primary energy needs. [AllAfrica, 12/3/2014]

Deputy governor of Egypt’s central bank resigns

According to official sources, the second highest-ranking official of Egypt’s central bank has resigned. It remains unclear when the deputy governor for investment and relations would leave his post and who will replace him. The main responsibility of the deputy governor is the management of Egypt’s foreign currency reserves, critical to the country’s gas and wheat imports. [Reuters, 12/3/2014]

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