EconSource: Tunisia Must Show ‘Audacity’ in Reforms– World Bank Report

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Bureaucracy, a lack of competition and a banking system in ruins have ossified the Tunisian economic model, the World Bank said in a new report calling for sweeping reforms. The Unfinished Revolution: Bringing Opportunity, Good Jobs and Greater Wealth To All Tunisians takes a comprehensive analysis of the Tunisian economy since the 2011 uprising. [World Bank]


Egypt needs growth and job creation over economic stability, said Mission Chief of the IMF in Egypt Chris Jarvis during the Euromoney conference. According to Jarvis, there is a “long road” to economic progress, however,  the IMF is willing to be a partner for the Egyptian government. [DNE]


Speaking at the Euromoney conference, Richard Shediac, general manager of Strategy&, an economic consultancy and research company located in the Middle East, said that “we are working in Egypt to create a model of social reform in the Egyptian market”. [DNE]





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