EconSource: Yemen banks on IMF loan deal to slash subsidies

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Yemen hopes a loan deal from the IMF that will allow it to start cutting costly energy subsidies will be sealed this month, according to the finance minister. Yemen has been holding technical talks with IMF officials for several months and is expected to hold detailed negotiations in Jordan next week. [Oman Tribune]
The Egyptian government will launch a tourism development fund worth $1 billion in June in a bid to revive the country’s ailing tourism industry, according to Karim Helal, a financial advisor to the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers (EFTC). [Zawya]
The Moroccan government announced yesterday its decision to increase domestic electricity prices in August. The move will be gradual leading towards the removal of subsidies. [Al-Hayat (Arabic)]
Yemen deposited its “Instrument of Acceptance” on May 27, 2014 with Director-General Roberto Azevedo, confirming its membership terms. According to WTO rules, Yemen will become a full-fledged member on  June 26, 2014. [National Yemen
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