EconSource:Yemen Central Bank Sees No Early Repayment of Saudi Loan
According to Yemeni central bank governor, Saudi Arabia has not asked Yemen for an early repayment of a $1 billion loan and the Houthi fighters occupying the central bank are reportedly not interfering with its operations. Saudi Arabia had suspended most of its financial aid to Yemen due to the growing power of the Shiite Houthi fighters in Yemen. Yemen has relied on its wealthy northern neighbor for fuel imports and funding of government salaries and welfare payments.

[Reuters, 12/5/2014]

EIB investments in Tunisia exceed 570 million dinars

According to the president of the European Investment Bank (EIB), the EIB’s investments in Tunisia exceeded 570 million dinars in the past three years. During an official visit to Tunisia, he further pointed out that the EIB will continue to support Tunisia in the coming years through new conventions in various economic sectors. [AllAfrica, 12/4/2014]

Morocco a crossroads for US investments in Africa

According to US Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade, Morocco, with its strategic location, solid infrastructure and sound business climate, stands at a “crossroads” for US investments in Africa. Especially the progress achieved in infrastructure and renewable energies make the country attractive for US investments. The level of trade between the two countries has reportedly tripled since the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries was signed in 2006. [Morocco World News, 12/4/2014]

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