Egypt’s Draft Constitution and Referendum: Useful Links

As Egypt’s expatriate community has completed voting, with a 15 percent voter turnout, and a 97.4 percent approval rate, and the country’s governorates gear up for a two-day referendum on the 2013 draft constitution on January 14 and 15, below are useful links to get up to speed on the text of the constitution and regulations for the upcoming constitution. 

Highlights from Egypt’s Draft Constitution Part I (Role of religion and identity of the state)
Highlights from Egypt’s Draft Constitution Part II (Government structure, status of armed forces, women’s and minority rights)
Key Questions on Egypt’s Upcoming Referendum

The Nour Party’s role in the committee
The Role of the Judiciary in the 2013 Draft
Positive Changes in the 2013 Draft
Minority Rights in the 2013 Draft
Atheists and Shia in the 2013 Draft
Military Trials in the 2013 Draft
Nubians and Amazigh in the 2013 Draft

Interviews & Events
Sahar Aziz (Associate Professor of Law, School of Law at Texas A&M University and member of the Egyptian-American Rule of Law Association)
Nathan Brown (Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University)
Amr Moussa (Head of the 2013 Constituent Assembly and former presidential candidate)
Egypt’s New Constitution: Fulfilling the Revolution’s Goals? (Video)

Statements & Press Releases on the Constitution and Referendum 
Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights
US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel
EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton
Democracy International
Carter Center
Human Rights Watch
Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies