Egypt’s Nour Party Spokesman on the Dangers of Exclusion

The Salafi Nour Party may have ruffled some feathers among liberals both in Egypt and abroad over their conservative views and the role of religion in politics, but one thing is certain: they have played the political game well. After deposed president Mohammed Morsi was removed from office on July 3, the Nour Party remained the last legitimate Islamist group to be included in the process of revising the 2012 constitution. Nonetheless, Nour spokesman Nader Bakkar warns of the dangers stemming from the government’s current policy of excluding and demonizing anyone who might stray from the national narrative. The score-settling political culture established over the past few years has only caused more harm and ultimately, the Egyptian people are the ones who pay the price. Read more in Nader Bakkar’s article on EgyptSource titled: The Egyptian Dilemma: Between the Crushed Winners or the Felool.

Image: Photo: Nour Party