MENASource Discussions: Libya Through the Eyes of its Activists

As concerns grow about the marginalization of women in the Arab transitions, the Atlantic Council convened a discussion last week featuring four prominent Libyan women activists to highlight the challenges and opportunities facing Libya as it struggles to forge a path forward. Participants discussed the role of women in the transition, the need to expand their involvment, the broader security concerns affecting the process, and the most recent political developments in the country.

Azza Al Maghur, a lawyer, human rights activist, and member of the February Committee tasked by the General National Congress to amend the transitional constitution and prepare the Election Law; Madiha Alnaas, a researcher on Libyan women’s identity and a specialist on violence against women; Maysoon Tughar, a financial advisor working on corruption, accountability, and transparency; and Farida Allaghi, president of the Libyan Forum For Civil Society and senior international adviser on human development, women and youth empowerment, and civil society spoke to us after the meeting. Please see the video below for their insights into Libya’s political development.