Director of the Rafik Hariri Middle East CenterMichele Dunne speaks to PBS on what former president Mohamed Morsi’s ouster means for Islamists movements in other nations. She says:

"The coup will allow Islamists to ignore Morsi’s abysmal failure as a president and his many undemocratic actions, which engendered enormous demonstrations and a campaign that gathered more than 20 million signatures for early elections…If only Morsi had been defeated in an early election; if, for example, the military had persuaded him to call for a referendum on his presidency, which the constitution allows. But no, neither the army nor the demonstrators had the patience for that. They just wanted Morsi gone. And now they will have to live with the consequences, which might well include anti-government violence by Islamists."

Read the full interview here or watch below, with Dr. Dunne joined by reporter Nancy Youssef and university professor, Samer Shehata:

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