NGO Initiative Aims to Criminalize Domestic Violence in Egypt (Video)

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As concerns over women’s rights in Egypt’s draft constitution continue to surface, a topic that often receives little, if no attention at all, is that of domestic violence. Documentary filmmaker Jenny Montasir has created a short 6 minute video which sheds light on how domestic violence is perceived in Egypt, while touching on women’s rights in the country in general.

Featuring  interviews from the New Woman Foundation (NWF) and El Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation for Victims of Violence (NCRVV), Speak Out: Domestic Violence in Egypt also gives insight into a key initiative currently underway which attempts to address the problem. The NCRVV, having presented a law to the last parliament under Hosni Mubarak, have gone back to square one, and are collecting signatures to introduce legislation which criminalizes domestic violence. The NGO aims to present the law for consideration before Egypt’s next parliament.

The video, Speak Out: Domestic Violence in Egypt (اتكلم: العنف الأسري في مصر) can be viewed below:

Photo Credit: Al Jazeera

Image: Women%20Egypt%20Jazeera.jpg