Official Election Results: Morsi and Shafik Advance to Runoff Round on June 16-17


The Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) announced on May 28 that the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamed Mursi and Hosni Mubarak’s former Prime Minsiter Ahmed Shafik will face off in the second round of Egypt’s presidential election, slated for June 16 and 17. 

 The SPEC announced the final vote count for the top five candidates from all 27 governorates, as follows:

  1. Mohamed Morsi ( 5,764,952 votes) 
  2. Ahmed Shafik (5,505,327 votes)  
  3. Hamdeen Sabbahi (4,820,273 votes)
  4. Abdel Monem Abul-Fotouh (4,065,239 votes)
  5. Amr Moussa (2,588,850 votes)

The official turnout rate was 46.42 percent of registered voters, with a total of 23, 265,516 valid ballots cast. 406,720 ballots were found to be spoiled or invalid.

Al-Ahram has generated the following graphical representations of results, Islamist vs. non-Islamist voting trends by region, and the geographical distribution of support for the five front-runners.

Image: 2012-634736644997135228-713.jpg