President Mohamed Morsi’s Constitutional Declaration – August 12

President Mohamed Morsi issued a new Constitutional Declaration on August 12 consisting of four articles.

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1- The 17 June 2012 constitutional addendum is to be abrogated.

2- Article 25, clause 2 of the 30 March 2011 Constitutional Declaration is to be replaced with the following text: “And he [the president] will undertake all his duties as stipulated by Article 56 of this declaration.” [Article 56 outlines the authorities of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and grants the latter full executive and legislative powers, now held by Morsi.]

3- If the Constituent Assembly [tasked with drafting a new constitution] is prevented from doing its duties, the president can draw up a new assembly representing the full spectrum of Egyptian society mandated with drafting a new national charter within three months of the assembly’s formation. The new draft constitution is to be put before a nationwide referendum within 30 days after it is written. Parliamentary elections are to be held within two months of the public’s approval of the draft constitution.

4- This new Constitutional Declaration is to be published in Egypt’s official gazette and will be put into effect the following day.

Source: Ahram Online