Statement on the Conclusion of the National Dialogue in Yemen

The Yemen Policy Initiative congratulates the Yemeni people on the formal conclusion of its National Dialogue Conference, a vital step in Yemen’s transition process and a remarkable achievement unique among the Arab awakening countries. The progress made by the National Dialogue demonstrates the unwavering commitment of Yemenis across the political spectrum to create a solid foundation for a stable, inclusive, and democratic future for the country. The next phase—creation of credible state institutions, implementation of the Dialogue outcomes, a new constitution, and national elections—will be equally challenging and will demand equal commitment by Yemen’s people and its international partners.  In a region with many competing demands and urgent needs, it is vitally important that international partners remain actively engaged and supportive of Yemen during this critical stage. We call on the United States, the Friends of Yemen, and the broader international community to continue providing continued and consistent political and economic engagement. While we join in the celebration, we are mindful that much remains to be done to ensure the Dialogue’s and Yemen’s real success.

The Yemen Policy Initiative is a joint effort of the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East at the Atlantic Council and the Project on Middle East Democracy, both based in Washington, DC.  The initiative aims to: 

  • Create space for specifically policy-oriented discussions and galvanize consensus among experts, practitioners, and advocacy groups.
  • Educate key policymakers and opinion-shapers on the complexity of Yemen’s situation
  • Advocate for a robust US role advancing political and economic reform—and not just sustaining familiar military relationships—that ultimately serves US long-term interests.

For more information contact Danya Greenfield, Acting Director of the Hariri Center at