Egypt’s Suez military court sentenced on Monday Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Mongey to ten years of imprisonment on charges of inciting violence and vandalizing military property in August.


No reconciliation with Muslim Brotherhood until they recognize the June revolution: al-Muslimany    
In an interview with al-Hayat TV, the presidential media adviser, Ahmed al-Muslimany, claimed that some elements within the Muslim Brotherhood are seeking national reconciliation with the state. Al-Musilmany asserted the state’s readiness to accept the reconciliation on the condition that the Brotherhood recognizes “the second wave of the revolution on June 30.” [EGYNews (Arabic), Ahram Gate  (Arabic), 10/1/2013]

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Fifty member panel to write new constitution: Moussa
Amr Moussa, who heads the fifty member committee amending Egypt’s constitution, said they are working on preparing a new constitution that will meet the Egyptian people’s aspirations. Moussa said he is against abolishing the Shura Council in the new constitution, adding the council should be granted a legislative role beside the House of Representatives while drafting laws. Officials yesterday announced the Shura Council would be renamed the Senate in the new document, according to a draft proposal discussed in the committee. The committee, however, was unable to reach a consensus over military articles, with military representatives in Egypt’s constitution-amending committee rejecting two proposals intended to curb military power in the constitution. This brought the committee debate with civilian representatives – who stress the need for both amendments – to a standstill. Some members have recommended a meeting between Moussa and Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to resolve the deadlock. Mohamed Salmawy, committee spokesman, said that the committee agreed on an article which states that access to information is a guaranteed right for all citizens. Finally Bishop Pola of Tanta walked out of a meeting of the Constituent Assembly on Monday in protest over being given one minute to respond to a member of the Salafi Al-Nour Party. [Egypt Independent, EGYNews (Arabic), AMAY (Arabic), SIS, Ahram Online, DNE, 10/1/2013]
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader sentenced to ten years in military trial
Egypt’s Suez military court sentenced on Monday Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Mongey to ten years of imprisonment on charges of inciting violence and vandalizing military property in August. [Ahram Online, 9/30/2013]

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Egypt in talks to extend oil product supplies from Gulf
Egypt is negotiating with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates to supply it with petroleum products into 2014, Egyptian Petroleum Minister Sherif Ismail said on Tuesday. The three Gulf countries, which pledged to provide Egypt with $12 billion in aid after the army ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi on July 3, are already providing petroleum products until the end of December, Sherif said. Egypt is hoping to implement a smart card system at the start of 2014 for fuel purchases by vehicle drivers, Ismail said on Tuesday. The finance ministry said in July it planned to phase in the card system gradually in July, August and September. [Reuters, Ahram Online, 10/1/2013]

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Clashes in Alexandria outside Khaled Said retrial
Clashes erupted outside the Alexandria Criminal Court on Tuesday as the retrial resumed of two policemen accused of killing Khaled Said. Protesters chanted against the interior minister and fought with the security forces. Five men remain in detention after being arrested outside the court. Mahinour al-Masry, a lawyer and member of the Revolutionary Socialists, was also arrested but has since been released. The April 6 movement condemned the detention of some of its members as well as members of the Popular Socialist Alliance Party. [Ahram Online,  Ahram Gate (Arabic), 10/1/2013]

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Sinai policemen protest lax security amid insurgency 
Dozens of policemen staged a protest in North Sinai calling for better protection against militant attacks in the region. Security personnel blocked the gates of a police station in Arish, state news agency MENA reported. They are demanding up-to-date weapons, increased security at their hostels, and new leadership at the provincial security directorate. Meanwhile, three soldiers were injured when a bomb exploded in North Sinai on Tuesday. The explosion hit an area while armored vehicles passed along the international road between Arish and Sheikh Zuweid near al-Shallaq. One soldier was killed when unknown assailants attacked an ambush on the Arish-Airport road in North Sinai late on Monday. A security source said that the soldier, Ahmed Abdel Kareem, died after receiving a bullet to the head in the attack. Meanwhile, security forces in North Sinai arrested a man believed to be involved in the kidnapping of seven Egyptian soldiers in May. Hemdan Abu Sheta, 35, is accused of abducting the soldiers and targeting security officers and buildings, a security source revealed. Egyptian authorities, also, arrested two Palestinians on Tuesday on charges of killing three policemen in an attack on a police station in Arish early on Monday, security sources said. [EGYNews (Arabic), Shorouk (Arabic), Tahrir (Arabic), Aswat Masriya, Egypt Independent, 10/1/2013]


Ashton’s Egypt visit will bring reconciliation ‘progress’: Brotherhood sources
High Representative for the European Union Catherine Ashton is set to arrive in Cairo late Tuesday night to discuss recent events with political figures, including interim President Adly Mansour. European Union Special Representative for the Southern Mediterranean, Bernadino Leon, is also expected to be present during the visit. Muslim Brotherhood sources expect Ashton’s visit to Cairo to bring “great progress” to reconciliation attempts, hinting that they would accept an initiative presented by Ashton during her last visit in late July if it is put forward again. During her visit, Ashton also will meet with Nour Party representatives. [Ahram Online, DNE, Ahram Gate (Arabic), Aswat Masriya, 10/1/2013]

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