Top News: NASL Calls for More Demonstrations Friday

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) thanked the Egyptian people on Thursday for boycotting the presidential elections. NASL also called for its followers to continued demonstrations in the coming weeks demanding that the military return to its barracks.

Egypt’s Sisi says he seeks true national partnership
Egypt’s next president, former military chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, told a Kuwaiti news website that he will not allow a return to the autocracy of the past during his term. In his first public comments since the election, Sisi told Al-Jarida website that he would fight until he “fulfills the priorities of security and stability,” pledging not to exclude anyone when appointed president. The retired field marshal had previously said he would “finish off” the Muslim Brotherhood of ousted president Mohamed Morsi if he were to become president. In a bid to allay such fears, Sisi promised “no going back [to the past days]. We will move forward. We have no time for differences and engaging in battles.” “We seek a real national partnership that satisfies all Egyptians and placates and contains the youth,” he added. [Aswat Masriya, Ahram Online, Mada Masr, 5/30/2014]

Egypt’s Mansour annuls pardon decree by former president
Egypt’s interim President Adli Mansour has issued a decree to annul a previous decree by former President Mohamed Morsi to pardon fifty-two convicts. According to the new decree, which Mansour issued on Thursday, pardons granted for a death sentence will be replaced with a life sentence. As for pardons on jail sentences, the period between Morsi’s decree and this one will be deducted from the jail sentences of the convicted. The cabinet had approved today Mansour’s draft resolution to annul some of the decrees Morsi issued between June 2012 and July 2013 to pardon or reduce the sentences of fifty-two convicts. [Aswat Masriya, Ahram Online, SIS, Mada Masr, 5/29/2014]

Sabbahi admits loss, slams election’s lack of ‘credibility’
Leftist politician Hamdeen Sabbahi accepted his defeat in Egypt’s 2014 presidential election against former military chief Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi—yet still took aim at the electoral process, arguing that a host of alleged violations prevent any claims of “credibility.” Speaking at a press conference on Thursday evening, a day after voting commenced, Sabbahi told reporters and his supporters that he will not accept any post in the coming government but will instead bring the same values and plans from his campaign to the country’s political opposition. Despite the conciliatory tone, Sabbahi still spoke of several violations that he says his campaign faced during the election—including his campaign representatives being restricted, attacked and detained, as well as suspicions of forgery and Sisi’s representatives being allowed to campaign inside polling stations. Sabbahi also took issue with the third day of voting that was suddenly tacked onto the election by the Presidential Elections Commission (PEC) near the end of voting on Tuesday. His campaign—and Sisi’s—filed a formal complaint against the PEC’s decision, which was later rejected. [Ahram Online, Mada Masr, 5/29/2014]

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Egypt detains alleged Al Jazeera journalist
Egyptian authorities have ordered the detention of a female journalist who they allege works for the Al Jazeera network, pending investigations on allegations of airing false news about Egypt. State news agency MENA reported that Rasha Gafaar, an employee of Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr, was arrested on Wednesday at an apartment in the Suez Canal city of Port Said, where she was broadcasting videos directly for the network’s Egyptian channel. Print materials inciting against the army and some carrying the Rabaa sign—a symbol of sympathy for supporters of former president Mohamed Morsi—were allegedly seized with her. She will be detained for fifteen days while the charges against her are investigated. [Ahram Online, 5/30/2014]

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Egypt central bank keeps interest rates on hold
Egypt’s central bank left key interest rates unchanged on Thursday, a day after Egyptians voted to elect former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as president, as it tries to balance growth and inflation pressures. The central bank kept the overnight deposit rate and the overnight lending rate at 8.25 percent and 9.25 percent, respectively, it said in a statement on Thursday. [Aswat Masriya, 5/29/2014]

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NASL calls for more demonstrations Friday
The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) thanked the Egyptian people on Thursday for boycotting the presidential elections. NASL also called for its followers to continued demonstrations in the coming weeks demanding that the military return to its barracks. In a statement posted on the group’s Facebook page, NASL called on its supporters to complete the dream of the revolution. The statement also urged its supporters to protest peacefully and advocated the burning of American, EU, and Israeli flags. Security forces dispersed several small rallies and demonstrations throughout Egypt on Friday. In Fayoum, two pro-Brotherhood protesters were injured when security forces used birdshot to break up a demonstration. In Giza, a Brotherhood rally turned violent when demonstrators clashed with local residents. Security forces broke up the clashes and arrested three Brotherhood supporters in possession of Molotov Cocktails and fireworks. In Nasr City, police arrested several Brotherhood members while dispersing a demonstration. [Aswat Masriya, 5/30/2014]

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Gunmen attack security forces, bomb explodes in North Sinai
Masked gunmen attacked security forces in the vicinity of Sheikh Zuwaid Police Station, in North Sinai, on Friday leaving no casualties. Security sources in North Sinai said in a press statement Friday that snipers targeted security forces affiliated with Sheikh Zuwaid Police Station. The security forces responded with heavy fire forcing assailants to flee. The public prosecution was notified to investigate the incident, the security sources added. In related news, a bomb exploded on Sheikh Zuwaid-Rafah road during the passage of armored vehicles on Friday morning. The incident also left no casualties. The security forces combed the surrounding area in search for other planted bombs, and set checkpoints to catch the perpetrators. [Egypt Independent, 5/30/2014]

Egyptian 16-year-old boy shot dead by police officer over traffic violation
Head of Egypt’s Forensic Authority Hisham Abdel Hamid confirmed on Thursday that a 16-year-old boy has died after being shot dead by a policeman over a traffic dispute. Mohamed Karam was driving a tuk tuk late on Wednesday in Matariya district, northeast Cairo, when a traffic officer tried to stop him for driving the wrong way down the street. A violent altercation ensued and the officer shot Karam dead. Earlier on Thursday, prosecutors had asked the forensic authority to examine his body in order to confirm the reason of his death. Matariya’s prosecution has since referred the officer who shot Karam to east Cairo’s accident-related prosecutors. [Ahram Online, 5/30/2014]

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UK calls for inclusive governance from Egypt’s new president
The British government has described the Egyptian presidential election as important step towards a democratic transition in Egypt. However, officials refused to comment on the unofficial results, which indicate a landslide victory for former army chief Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi. “The Egyptian election is important for the process of the democratic transition and return to forming an elected government in Egypt,” a Foreign Office spokeswoman said. The UK says the new president faces a lot of future challenges, including bringing long-term stability, which “will be achieved only through inclusive governance which represents all parties.” The UK is calling for a “full and functioning democracy in all its aspects, including an independent judiciary, a vibrant civil society and a free media” in Egypt. [Ahram Online 5/30/2014]

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