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Prosecutor General Tala’at Abdallah has formed a new body to investigate crimes committed against protesters during the 2011 Revolution. The Revolution Protection Prosecution is headed by Amr Fawzy and includes 20 further members.


Electoral procedures to begin 25 February, says presidency
Parliamentary electoral procedures will begin on 25 February, announced Presidential Spokesperson Yasser Ali at a press conference on Wednesday. Ali stated that the decision comes in accordance with the newly ratified constitution, which states that electoral procedures for parliament should begin two months after the approval of the national charter, passed by 63.8 per cent in a national referendum in late December 2012. [Ahram Online, SIS,1/9/2013]

Elections legislation to be put to court review within 10 days, Shura speaker says
Shura Council Speaker Ahmed Fahmy said Wednesday he expects the upper house of Parliament to refer a draft law governing parliamentary elections for court review within 10 days. The Council also agreed to remove the article stipulating that each list must include at least one female candidate. [Egypt Independent,  El Watan (Arabic), 1/10/2013]

FJP to choose new secretary general; Brotherhood to discuss elections and revolution anniversary
The high commission of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, will hold a meeting Thursday to choose a new secretary general and several committee secretaries. Saad El-Katatni, head of the FJP, announced Wednesday on his Facebook page that the party’s high commission would discuss electoral alliances for the upcoming parliamentary elections, expected to take place in April. The FJP also welcome international supervision of the upcoming parliamentary elections, dismissing allegations that the party and the Muslim Brotherhood rigged the last elections. [Ahram Online, Egypt Independent, 1/10/2013]

Egypt’s ex-minister replaced for opposing rapprochement with Iran: report
Former Egyptian interior minister Ahmed Gamal al-Din was replaced in last week’s Cabinet reshuffle after he objected to a meeting between an advisor to President Mohammed Mursi and a senior commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard, according to Egyptian media reports. Gamal al-Din reportedly complained about the meeting between Morsi’s advisor Essam Haddad and Iran’s Qassem Suleimani. The former interior minister was also disappointed about the Brotherhood’s handling of the country’s security issues. [Al-Arabiya, 1/10/2013]

National Salvation Front demands repartition of electoral districts
Members of the National Salvation Front opposition coalition have agreed on several proposed amendments to the new election law. The proposed amendments include the repartition of electoral districts based on population, complete judicial supervision by having a judge at every ballot box, a reduction in the number of voters casting ballots at each box from 1,000 to 500, and limits to electoral campaigning. The National Salvation Front will also issue specific prerequisites for potential candidates wishing to run on its lists or name. [Egypt Independent, Daily News Egypt, 1/9/2013]

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Prosecutor General forms Revolution Protection Prosecution
Prosecutor General Tala’at Abdallah has formed a new body to investigate crimes committed against protesters during the 2011 Revolution. The Revolution Protection Prosecution is headed by Amr Fawzy and includes 20 further members. It is tasked with investigating the findings of the fact-finding committee that handed in its final report to Abdallah a few days ago. The body will also look into other complaints of crimes against protesters that were not included in the fact-finding committee’s report. [Daily News Egypt, 1/10/2013]

Requests to amend 164 constitution articles in ‘national dialogue’
The national dialogue sponsored by President Mohamed Morsi and coordinated by outgoing Vice President Mahmoud Mekki discussed possible amendments to the newly passed constitution during the dialogue’s seventh round on Wednesday. Member of the dialogue legal committee and Ghad al-Thawra Party head Ayman Nour told state-owned al-Ahram that the committee received requests from political groups to amend 164 articles out of the 225 articles of the newly-passed constitution. Nour said the requests came not only from political parties taking part in the dialogue and the National Salvation Front (NSF) made suggestions. [Daily News Egypt, SIS, 1/10/2013]

Court adjourns NGO trial to March
Cairo Criminal Court on Thursday adjourned the trial of 43 defendants accused of illegally receiving foreign funds for NGOs operating in Egypt. The next session is scheduled for 6 March, when the defense will continue its arguments. The defense team said in court Thursday that the case was not a criminal one, but was a political issue between Egypt and the United States. The judge objected to the argument and urged the defense to clarify its claims. Attorneys Ahmed Heikal, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Zakaria and Essam Mohamed Ali then presented the court with a portfolio containing letters between the American and Egyptian governments regarding the funding of the accused NGOs. [Egypt Independent, Shorouk (Arabic), 1/10/2013]

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Egypt pound dives further in Thursday auction
The Egyptian pound continued to plunge after a dollar auction at the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) on Thursday revealed 0.47 piaster plunge from a similar auction on the previous day. The cut-off price at the auction was LE6.5099, down from LE6.4797 on Wednesday. This is the eighth auction the CBE has held in its attempt to ease pressures on the local currency. [Ahram Online, 1/10/2013]

Egypt inflation grows to 4.7 pct in December
Egypt’s annual inflation in December accelerated to 4.7 per cent, a slight growth over the preceding months, data from the official statistics agency showed on Thursday.Inflation had recorded 4.3 per cent in November, its lowest level since March 2006. Prices of food and drink, which have the highest weight in the consumer price index, grew 6 per cent in comparison to December 2011 but dropped a 0.2 per cent below November 2012’s figures. The overall inflation rate grew a meager 0.2 per cent on a monthly basis.[Ahram Online, 1/10/2013]


Egypt army officers charged with joining protesters against SCAF released
Five military officers accused of protesting with civilians in 2011 were released Wednesday to undertake three months of psychological therapy before being examined by a committee consisting of army leaders that shall decide on their possible reinstatement. Majors Fouad El-Desouki and Tamer Badr as well as Doctor Captain Omar El-Metwali and Lieutenant Mohamed Wadie were freed but not cleared of the original charges. Ahmed Shoman, a military major who was twice detained for speaking out against the military in 2011, was also released Wednesday. [Ahram Online, Daily News Egypt, 1/9/2013]

Thousands protest deteriorating sewage system in Egypt’s second city
Thousands of inhabitants of Alexandria’s slums protested against their living conditions Wednesday afternoon in front of the city’s Holding Authority for Water and Waste Water offices in the El-Shobty neighbourhood, reported Al-Ahram Arabic Language news website. Members of political forces including the April 6 Youth group and the Kefaya protest movement joined hundreds of citizens from Alexandria neighbourhoods of El-Agamy, Sidi Gaber, Bab Sharqi and Abu Suleiman, to protest the Holding Authority’s failure to effectively conduct maintenance throughout the city as well as their neglect of the informal settlements. [Ahram Online, Daily News Egypt, 1/9/2013]


Egypt says Palestinian rivals agree to enact unity deal
An Egyptian official said the leaders of the Palestinian Hamas and Fatah factions had agreed at talks in Cairo on Wednesday to implement a long-delayed reconciliation pact, although it was unclear if the deal would extend beyond holding more talks. President Mahmoud Abbas of the secular Fatah movement based in the West Bank and Khaled Meshaal of the Islamist Hamas group that controls the Gaza Strip met face-to-face for the first time in over a year to discuss how to implement their 2011 deal. [Egypt Independent/Reuters, SIS, 1/10/2013]

Egyptian president receives invitation to visit Iran
Iran’s top envoy says Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi has been invited to visit Iran.
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi told reporters on Thursday that he delivered the invitation to Morsi from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during a meeting in Cairo. [Washington Post/AP, 1/10/2013]

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