Video: Military Police Attack Protesters in Tahrir

An injured protester in Tahrir Square

Eyewitness reports and shocking video depict military personnel and plain-clothed thugs beating unarmed protesters and medics while attempting to clear Tahrir Square on December 17. After soldiers and military police violently broke up the "Occupy Cabinet" sit-in outside of the Council of Ministers building on December 16 — throwing rocks, glass and projectiles in an attack that left at least left nine dead and over 344 injured — they turned their attention to protesters in Tahrir Square, instigating another round of lethal clashes. According to reports from Sara El-Khalili and others eyewitnesses on Twitter, soldiers stormed the square with batons and chased protesters down to Abd El-Monem Riad, Talaat Harb Square and Qasr El-Nil Bridge. They also ransacked the headquarters of the Adl Party near the Cabinet building, arresting several members.


Meanwhile, military personnel began building a concrete wall to close off the Qasr El-Ainy Street entrance to Tahrir Square. This is the second such wall to be built following the last round of violent clashes in late November. The concrete barrier is a symbol of the SCAF’s fortress mentality and increasingly desperate attempts to deflect demands for a power transfer to civilian leadership with brute force. But activists on the ground like Tarek Shalaby won’t be deterred so easily: "We will bring the regime and its wall down," he tweeted from the square.

Photo Credit: Ahram
Second Photo: Tarek Shalaby

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