Video: SCAF Offers Referendum on Power Transfer

Tantawi offers concessions in televised speech

In a televised speech on November 22, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi expressed “regret” over the clashes in Tahrir Square and announced several concessions:

  • The SCAF is prepared to hold a referendum on immediately transferring power to civilian authority if people demand it.
  • Tantawi pledged to hold presidential elections no later than June 2012 and said that the SCAF is committed to holding parliamentary elections as scheduled, with the first round to begin on November 28.
  • Tantawi formally accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf’s cabinet, which will continue performing its functions until the formation of a "national salvation government."

In a separate statement, Communique No. 82, the SCAF announced that the investigation into violence at Maspero and Tahrir Square will be transferred from a military to a civilian prosecutor and minutes before Tantawi’s speech, the Cabinet announced that central security forces will be withdrawn from Tahrir Square

Photo Credit: Al Arabiya

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