From WE-NATONATO is launching a new and innovative web platform tool called WE-NATO.

WE-NATO is an interactive platform, which will enable YOU to engage directly with other netizens around the world in an open and transparent dialogue on issues related to NATO’s current agenda.

This site is not a one way communication talk-shop, but a forum where YOU contribute and share ideas with NATO officials, academics, social media activists and bloggers and where just about anyone else can come together and interact on issues of critical relevance to transatlantic and global security.

WE also want to listen to YOUR views and comments and WE want to share with YOU our thinking on a range of security issues some of which you may not be familiar with.

For example, did YOU know that NATO cares about the empowerment of women or that NATO is concerned what the impact that climate change is having on our environment? NATO is also concerned about the lack of sustainable sources of energy and is active in the prevention of cyber attacks as well as many other issues.

There are several ways YOU can communicate on WE-NATO. The WE-NATO platform uses different formats such as livestream interviews, chats, video blogs, comment pages, articles and blogs, to interact with you on issues that YOU feel need to be addressed.  (graphic: WE-NATO)