From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Specifically, there is growing concern, particularly in Poland and the Baltic states, that NATO’s eastern borders remain largely unprotected.

There are also worries in Eastern Europe that Article 5 of the alliance charter, which obligates the entire alliance to come to the defense of a member who is attacked, would not be honored should Russia move against one of its former Warsaw Pact vassals…

Earlier today, Alexandr Vondra, a member of the Czech Senate and former deputy prime minister, said new members needed “a new affirmation…that the commitment on joint defense is taken seriously.”

[Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine] Albright sought to allay these fears, reiterating the importance and reliability of Article 5 while stressing the importance of improving relations with Moscow.

“There is no question that an important concept is reassurance, that Article 5 is central to the NATO alliance, and at the same time it is very important to also reset our relations with Russia,” Albright said.

Additional information at Vondra: NATO should more focus on new members’ defence. (photo: CTK)