Baroness Ashton Drops Opposition to Euro-Army Headquarters

From the Telegraph:  Britain is staunchly opposed to a standing military headquarters in Brussels claiming it would duplicate Nato and be "an unnecessary use of resources".

But since becoming EU foreign minister last year, Lady Ashton has gone from "being unconvinced" to having an "open mind" over the move. It has been demanded by French and German supporters of a European army…

During a European Parliament hearing two months ago, Lady Ashton insisted the EU was not "anywhere close to a position" on the new headquarters…

Last Friday, Lady Ashton came under pressure to set up the HQ during talks with Hervé Morin, the French defence minister.

"This capacity, desired by a majority of member states, would improve the Union’s responsiveness in the launch of operations and would also be a factor for making cost savings," said a French defence ministry spokesman. (photo: Andrew Crowley/Telegraph)

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