Britain’s Nuclear Arsenal is 225 Warheads, Reveals William Hague

Foreign secretary William Hague makes a statement in the House of Commons on Britain

From Richard Norton-Taylor, the Guardian:  William Hague, the foreign secretary, today announced a review into the circumstances when the government might use nuclear weapons as he disclosed the maximum number of warheads in Britain’s arsenal.

Describing what he called a "more open" policy, Hague said Britain’s total number of nuclear warheads would not exceed 225, including the maximum 160 already declared as "operationally available."

He also signalled that the coalition government is likely to downgrade the importance of nuclear weapons in military strategy reflecting decisions announced last month by the US.

The British review is expected to conclude that the UK would rule out using nuclear weapons in retaliation against attacks involving biological or chemical, or conventional non-nuclear weapons.

However, it is expected to make an exception, as the Obama administration did, for Iran arguing that Tehran is covertly developing nuclear weapons.  (photo: AP)

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