Canada Sending Six Fighter Jets for NATO Operation in Eastern Europe

CF-18 HornetsCanada is sending six CF-18s and military personnel to assist NATO in operations in Eastern Europe.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the measures Thursday morning. The move comes following a request from NATO amid increasing tensions in Eastern Ukraine. . . .

“This is in response to the situation that’s developing there, and frankly, more generally to the concern that we have on what really is expansionism and militarism on the part of Russia under the presidency of Mr. Putin,” Harper said during a photo op with senior military officials.

“I believe this to be a long-term serious threat to global peace and security and we’re always prepared to work with our allies in NATO and elsewhere to try and bring whatever stability we can to the situation.”

The fighter jets will be based at Lask, Poland. . . .

Canada will also provide a contingent of approximately 20 Canadian Armed Forces officers to NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Image: CF-18 Hornets (photo: Private Pierre Theriault,/Canadian Ministry of Defense)