Canadian Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina Ends

From the Toronto Sun: Almost 20 years after war broke out in former Yugoslavia, Canada is pulling its last troops out of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The six Canadian Forces members, who have been based in Sarajevo as part of Task Force Balkans, are heading home as Operation BRONZE — the last of many Canadian operations over the past 19 years in the area — is set to close. …

Canadians first arrived in the Balkans when war broke out in 1991. Since then, more than 40,000 members of the Canadian Forces served in the region, according to the Department of Defence, and 23 were killed while serving in Bosnia-Herzegovina alone. …

While Canadian Forces are pulling out of Bosnia-Herzegovina, they will still have a Balkan presence.

Five senior Canadian Forces offices will remain as part of the NATO-led Kosovo Security Force.  (photo:  United Nations)

Image: UN_canada_bosnia_3_31_10.jpg