Clinton: Reports of limits on U.S. missile defense deployments “Dead wrong”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks with Sen. John McCain before the start of a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

From Josh Rogin, Foreign Policy:  The Gertz story became a focus of the Senate Armed Services committee hearing Thursday with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, and Joint Chiefs chairman Michael Mullen.

"We are discussing missile defense cooperation with Russia, which we believe is in the interests of both nations," Gates testified, "but such talks have nothing to do with imposing any limitations on our programs or deployment plans."

Clinton addressed the Gertz story directly.

"Number one, there is no secret deal. Number two, there is no plan to limit U.S. missile defenses, either in this treaty or in any other way. And number three, on that score, the story is dead wrong," she said. (photo: Getty)

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