Cyrpus in Talks to Host Russian Air Force

Cyprus may host the Russian Air Force at the “Andreas Papandreou” airbase in Pafos

From Famagusta Gazzette:  Cyprus is exploring the possibility of facilitating, in certain cases, Russian Air Force at the military airbase “Andreas Papandreou” in Pafos, the Defence Minister said on Sunday. He added that there is no discussion of conceding the base to Russia.

Asked if there is any link between the extension of 2.5 bln euros loan Moscow has granted to Nicosia in 2011 and Russia’s military facilitation, the Minister said that “there is no question of granting concessions”.

He added that Cyprus is already facilitating Russian navy, as is the case with other countries.

He said moreover that the possibility of providing the airbase in Pafos, in certain cases, has been discussed during his recent visit to Moscow, both with his Russian counterpart and the Foreign Minister [Sergei] Lavrov.

From Voice of Russia:  The agreement being drafted will extend beyond the existing understandings to allow Russian ships to dock at Limassol, [Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis] Kasoulides said in an interview with Voice of Russia radio station, commenting on media reports that Cyprus was ready to allow the Russian air force to use the airbase in Paphos.

The relevant technical details will be considered by a committee of representatives of the two countries, which is to start working soon, Kasoulides said.   (photo: Famagusta Gazzette)

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