Czech government approves sending troops to EU mission in Mali

The Czech Republic decided to deploy up to 50 troops in Mali as part of the EU military training mission

From AP:  The Czech government has approved the deployment of up to 50 troops in Mali as part of a planned EU military training mission.

Prime Minister Petr Necas says the soldiers are expected to leave for the training in April after the mission is approved by Parliament. 

From CTK:  French General Francois Lecointre, who will command the mission, would like to send the first [EU] troops to Mali in mid-February.

They are to contribute to the cooperation with the Mali military command and rapid reorganisation of the local units.

Officially, the [EU] mission may start on February 12 or 18. . . .

The [Czech] government is considering arming a battalion of the Malian army and sending the instructors.  (photo: Radio Prague)

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