Czech government reaffirms support for NATO missile defense

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg at the U.S. State Department, June 2, 2011.

From the Czech Foreign Ministry:  The Czech Republic has been a long-term advocate of the development of the NATO Missile Defence capability as it considers it as a crucial issue for the defence of Europe.

Therefore, in accordance with its conviction, the Czech Republic supported the November 2010 decision of the NATO Summit in Lisbon to build a Missile Defence system to protect all NATO European populations, territory and forces.

The development of the Missile Defence in the NATO framework continues to enjoy a strong support of the Czech Republic that seeks to participate in the project in a meaningful way. The Czech Republic has been discussing the form of its participation with its Allies.

The long-term position of the Czech Republic on the establishment of the NATO Missile Defence was not changed by the decision not to participate in the one of many bilateral Czech-US defence cooperation projects, in the framework of which shared early warning terminals were planned to be situated on the Czech territory.  (photo: AP)

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