Danish General Becomes Chairman of NATO ‘s Military Committee

General  Knud Bartels

From NATO:  Today, Danish General Knud Bartels assumed his position as Chairman of NATO ‘s Military Committee, for which he was elected by NATO’s 28 Chiefs of Defence on 17 September 2011. Gen. Bartels succeeds to the Italian Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola.

The Chairman of the Military Committee is the principal military advisor to the Secretary General, and the conduit through  which  consensus-based advice from NATO’s Chiefs of Defence is presented to the political body of NATO, the North Atlantic Council.
The Chairman of the Military Committee is elected for a 3 year period. Since 1963, when the position was permanently installed, the  chairmanship  has been held by 16 officers from  the following NATO member nations : Germany (five times), the United Kingdom (three times), Canada ,  Italy  and  Norway (two times each ), Belgium and the Netherlands (once each).  (photo: viden.jp.dk)

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