Dutch Patriot missiles to leave for Turkey on Monday

A Dutch Patriot missile installation

From Xinhua:  The Dutch Patriot missile defense systems will leave the Netherlands for Turkey On Jan. 7 to support the NATO operation Anatolian Protector, the Dutch Ministry of Defense confirmed to Xinhua on Friday.

The Patriot missile defense systems will be boarded for transport on Monday. "They will be transported by ships from the port of Eemshaven, so it will take a while," captain Paul Vledder, spokesman of Operations at the Ministry of Defense, told Xinhua. "The systems are expected to arrive in Turkey on Jan. 22."

On Jan. 8, around 30 Dutch and 20 German quartermasters will leave from Eindhoven airbase for Turkey. They will prepare the locations where the Patriot units will be installed. . . .

The main force of about 270 Dutch troops will depart on Jan. 21. The costs of the mission, which will lasts up to one year, are estimated at 42 million euros (54 million U.S. dollars).  (photo: Robert Vos/EPA)

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