France: Diplomats Take Sarkozy to Task

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, February 15, 2011.

From Scott Sayare, the New York Times:  An anonymous group of former and current French diplomats said Tuesday that President Nicolas Sarkozy’s approach to foreign policy was plagued by amateurism, impulsiveness and a preoccupation with media attention. The criticisms, in an opinion article in the influential newspaper Le Monde, followed a string of diplomatic embarrassments for France, many involving Tunisia. “Contrary to the announcements trumpeted for the past three years, Europe is powerless, Africa escapes us, the Mediterranean won’t talk to us, China has kept us down and Washington is ignoring us!” the authors said, adding that Mr. Sarkozy was quick to blame career diplomats for the “disappointments” of policies decided “at the presidency of the Republic without taking into account the analyses of our embassies.”  (photo: Getty)

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