French forces fired or dropped 4,600 bombs, missiles, and artillery shells in Libya operation

French jets participating in military operation over Libya, March 30, 2011.

From defenseWeb:  At a hearing before the National Assembly on October 4, French secretary of defence and veterans affairs Gerard Longuet said French forces have fired 4 621 munitions between March and September 30. The figure includes 240 air-launched missiles, comprising 15 SCALP cruise missiles and 225 GPS-guided Hammer (AASM) munitions. Each SCALP missile costs 626 000 euroes, according to the La Tribune.

In addition, more than 900 different bombs had been dropped, including GBU-12, GBU-24 and GBU-49 bombs. Gazelle and Tigre helicopters launched 431 HOT anti-tank missiles and fired unspecified numbers of cannon rounds.

Longuet said that the conflict has not depleted France’s ammunition stocks but that the country urgently needs a large quantity of ammunition.

French Navy ships have fired 3 000 rounds of 76 mm and 100 mm ammunition at targets along the Libyan coast, La Tribune reports. France has contributed a dozen warships to Operation Harmattan, France’s contribution to NATO’s Operation Unified Protector.

At the hearing last week Admiral Edouard Guillaud said French ships had successfully attacked targets against land, something which had not been done for decades, destroying moving vehicles and other targets.

France also sent more than 40 fixed wing aircraft and 20 helicopters to Libya.   (photo: Getty)

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