French General Receives Reprimand for Criticizing US Strategy in Afghanistan

Gen. Vincent Desportes, head of France

From Le Monde:  General Vincent Desportes, has received an official reprimand from the French Ministry of Defense for his statements in July criticizing the U.S. leadership and strategy in Afghanistan.

General Desportes, the former director of the Joint Defence College (IDC), told Le Monde that the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan was "not working" and criticized President Barack Obama‘s "uncertain decision" to approve a limited surge of troops.  The General’s comments were immediately described as a "mistake" and "irresponsible" by Admiral Edourad Guillad, Chief of the Defence Staff.

Although General Desportes retired three weeks ago, the reprimand is a disciplinary action that is now part of his record as an officer, according to the staff of the Army.  The penalty incurred by General Desportes is the mildest of the three groups of disciplinary sanctions possible in the military.  (photo:  French Ministry of Defense)

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