Gaddafi still commanding troops, NATO says

"NATO believes that Muammar Gaddafi still has some command over troops in Libya"

From AFP:  NATO vowed Tuesday to keep bombing Moamer Kadhafi forces until they stop attacking civilians, warning that the elusive Libyan leader was still commanding some troops. . . .

"Despite the fall of the Kadhafi regime and the gradual return of security for many Libyans, NATO’s mission is not finished yet," Colonel Roland Lavoie, the operation’s military spokesman, told a news briefing via videolink from his headquarters in Naples, Italy.

"We remain fully committed to our mission and to keeping the pressure on the remnants of the Kadhafi regime until we can confidently say that the civilian population of Libya is no longer threatened," he said.

While the whereabouts of Kadhafi remain a mystery, Lavoie said the veteran strongman was still able to direct the movement of troops and weapons, operate radars and fire munitions such as surface-to-surface missiles.

"Essentially, he is displaying a capability still to exercise some level of command and control," the spokesman said days after rebels took control of Tripoli.

"The pro-Kadhafi troops that we see are not in total disarray, they are retreating in an orderly fashion, conceding ground and going to the second best position that they could hold to continue their warfare," he added.  (photo: AP) (via Morning Defense)

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