Gen. Abrial on Challenges to NATO Ballistic Missile Defense

French General Stephane Abrial speaks at the NATO headquarters in Norfolf, Virginia on September 8, 2009.

From the Army Times: The issue of information-sharing is even more important when deciding how to handle ballistic missile defense, [NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation Gen. Stéphane] Abrial said.

“For BMD, this will be probably more difficult than in other domains,” he noted. “This notion is still contentious — some nations are very willing, others are not.”

And if NATO takes over the mission, “it will be necessary to solve this critical issue of information-sharing,” which won’t be easy, he said.

“It is extremely closed and sensitive and related to the sovereignty of nations,” Abrial said. “It could not be NATO alone.”  (photo: Getty)

Image: getty%205%2013%2010%20French%20General%20Stephane%20Abrial%20at%20NATO%20HQ%20Norfolf%20VA.jpg