From Spiegel: German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle looks set to spark new tension in trans-Atlantic relations with the latest move in his ongoing campaign to get the US to withdraw nuclear weapons currently stationed in Germany.

Westerwelle and his counterparts from the Benelux countries and Norway have drafted a letter to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in which they call for the alliance to discuss how it can get closer to its goal of a world without nuclear weapons at an upcoming NATO conference. The letter, which has been obtained by SPIEGEL, is due to be sent in the next few days.

The meeting, which will be held in the Estonian capital Tallin in April, is an opportunity to talk in detail about the issue of nuclear weapons, the letter says. For months, Westerwelle has been calling for the removal of remaining US medium-range nuclear missiles from Germany. There are an estimated 20 American nuclear weapons in Germany, from a total of around 200 in Europe…

"We will advocate within the (NATO) Alliance and with our American allies the removal of the remaining nuclear weapons from Germany," the document reads. (photo: DDP)