Germans Express Solidarity with the Troops

The Atlantic Initiative asks the German public to support their soldiers.

From  Expressing support for the country’s soldiers in Afghanistan may be common in the United States, but can be hard to find in Germany.   While most US critics of the war Afghanistan make extra efforts to distinguish between criticism of the strategy/purpose of the wars and the service of the troops, such differentiation usually is not made in Germany. For example, t is practically unheard of to see a car with the bumper sticker "Support our Troops" in Germany.

The Bundeswehr troops do not get much moral support from citizens, media, celebrities or politicians. Instead many soldiers are concerned about the opinion polls that indicate popular disapproval of the Afghanistan war.

Therefore the Atlantische Initiative has teamed up with Germany‘s biggest daily newspaper and started the campaign "Feldpost für unsere Soldaten!"

We encourage our readers and members to write short personal messages of support for the Bundeswehr troops. We will then forward the best ones to the various bases in Afghanistan. Several hundred messages have already been published by our partners at the top-selling periodical, Bild:

This particular campaign is for German soldiers and is therefore conducted in their language.  NATO is a military alliance defending the citizens of its democratic members.  NATOSource supports the Atlantische Initiative/Bild campaign and other efforts throughout the alliance to express support for the men and women serving the people of the alliance and their elected governments.  May we always value them with the same level of commitment with which they protect us and our freedom.(graphic:

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