From the New York Times: In a report to be published Tuesday by the Center for European Reform, in London, George Robertson, who served as NATO secretary general from 1999 to 2004, says Germany cannot remove the missiles and still expect to enjoy the protection of U.S. nuclear forces.

“For Germany to want to remain under the nuclear umbrella while exporting to others the obligation of maintaining it, is irresponsible,” the report says…

If Berlin pursues this new stance, the Center for European Reform report argues, it will allow Germany to “have its cake and eat it.” Germany would be contributing to President Barack Obama’s quest for nuclear disarmament, the report says, but could still rely on the NATO countries that deploy the remaining 180 U.S. weapons — Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey — to provide it with a security umbrella.

The report, “Germany Opens Pandora’s Box,” written by Mr. Robertson, Franklin Miller and Kori Schake, also suggests that some NATO members, particularly the Baltic States, could feel vulnerable without the nuclear protection of Germany. (photo: Paul Shambroom)