Helsinki NATO Event Seeks to Improve Cooperation in Crisis Management

From NATO:  On 4 March, Finland and Sweden are hosting the seminar “NATO’s New Strategic Concept – Comprehensive Approach to Crisis Management” in Helsinki to discuss ways of enhancing cooperation between NATO and other international actors to improve crisis management.

The conference is looking at the future challenges of crisis management and NATO’s role and interaction with other international actors, such as the European Union. Sessions are focusing on the evolving world order, the growing role of the European Union in security policy and crisis management, how to build capabilities by bringing actors together, and how to make future crisis management operations successful…

Key speakers at the event also include Finnish President Tarja Halonen, Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, Finnish Foreign and Defence Ministers Alexander Stubb and Jyri Hakamies, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, NATO Group of Experts Vice-Chair Jeroen van der Veer, and Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Stephane Abrial. (photo: NATO)

Image: nato_3_4_10.jpg