Iran’s supreme leader says Nonaligned Movement, not NATO, should help resolve Syria crisis


From the AP:  Iran’s supreme leader said Friday that developing nations have a greater right than the U.S. or NATO to intervene in Syria, signaling an effort to lead a diplomatic push over efforts to resolve the crisis.

The comments came a day after Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi embarrassed the Islamic Republic by blasting its ally, Syria, during a speech at the summit of the Nonaligned Movement, a grouping of some 120 nations. . . .

The U.N. and Arab League have both led ultimately failed efforts to negotiate an end to Syria’s violence, in which thousands have been killed since early 2011. Turkey this week called for the U.N. to authorize creation of a safe zone in Syria for tens of thousands fleeing their homes. Britain and France have left open the possibility of more aggressive action, including a military-enforced no-fly zone to protect a safe area — though that still seems a remote possibility.

“The Nonaligned Movement definitely has more political right than the U.S., NATO or some European countries to intervene in the Syrian issue,” [Ayatollah AliKhamenei said. He did not elaborate on what kind of role the group should have.

But the Nonaligned Movement, an organization formed in the Cold War as an alternative to both the Soviet and U.S. blocs, has little cohesiveness or international weight now to push a Syria initiative. And its members are divided over Syria.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem on Friday complained that some nonaligned member states arm the rebels.

“Unfortunately, some regional countries, that are also members of the nonaligned movement, are providing weapons and military training as well as money to the armed groups to destroy Syria’s infrastructure,” he told Iranian state TV Friday.

Al-Moallem didn’t name any country but last month he openly accused regional powerhouses Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey of trying to destroy Syria by supporting the rebels.  (photo:

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