Iran warns over NATO’s anti-missile radar in Turkey


From ReutersIran’s defence minister on Tuesday criticised the pending deployment of a NATO early-warning radar system in Turkey, saying Tehran would not tolerate any aggression against its national interests. . . .

"The West claims the radar system (in Turkey) is to  confront Iranian missiles but they should be aware that we will not tolerate any aggression against our national interests," Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi was quoted by state TV as saying.    

Muslim Turkey, with NATO’s second biggest military, has become a bigger player in the Middle East emboldened by its booming economy and a more Islamic identity, seeking stronger ties with Muslim countries in the Middle East, like Iran. . . .

Vahidi warned Turkey over the radar system, which Ankara says is not against any specific country. "We regard the presence of America and the West as a troublesome and harmful presence for the Islamic countries," Vahidi said. . . .

Iranian officials have previously announced that the country’s domestically-produced missiles can reach Israel and US bases in the Gulf. Iran says its response to any military attack will be "painful".  (photo: Reuters)

UPDATE from the AP:  Foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says Iran expects its neighbors not to pave way for policies that lead to "complicated consequences."

Mehmanparast says Iran believes that having the missile defense system in Turkey would not serve regional stability. His remarks were reported by the official IRNA news agency on Thursday.

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