From the Jerusalem Post: Israel is launching a diplomatic initiative in an effort to influence the outcome of NATO’s new Strategic Concept which is currently under review by a team of experts led by former United States Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

On Thursday, the third seminar on the Strategic Concept will open in Oslo and will be attended by officials from the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Several weeks ago, a former senior Israeli diplomat met privately with Albright to discuss Israeli interests in the concept that is under review…

“We want the focus to be on Iran, nuclear proliferation and the issue of terrorism,” one official explained. “There is an understanding that NATO needs to transform itself to remain relevant in a post 9/11 world…”

Israel is also seeking to receive an upgraded status following the conclusion of the Strategic Concept review that will enable Israeli officials to participate in top NATO forums even though Israel is not a member of the alliance. Israel is a member of the Mediterranean Dialogue, which was created in 1994 to foster ties with Middle Eastern countries like Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Morocco. (photo: NATO)