Italy withdrawing its aircraft carrier from NATO’s Libya operation

Italian AV8 Harrier aircraft on the aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi, participating in NATO

From AFP:  Italy is withdrawing its aircraft carrier the Garibaldi from NATO’s operation in Libya to cut 80 million euros ($114 million) in costs, a minister announced July 6. . . .

"We have cut back costs in Libya, from 142 million euros forecast in the first half of the year to less than 60 million for the second half," Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa said after a government meeting. . . .

The plan had been drawn up to pull the Garibaldi, its three fighter jets and 1,000 personnel out of the mission as they were "no longer necessary", La Russa said.

The Garibaldi would be replaced by a smaller boat and other planes from military bases would be used, he added.  (photo: Getty)

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