From the New Atlanticist: In a provocative closed door session yesterday, National Security Advisor Jim Jones proclaimed that "NATO must be prepared to address, deny, and deter the full spectrum of threats, whether emanating from within Europe, at NATO’s boundaries, or far beyond NATO’s borders…"

His challenge for an Alliance that has kept the West safe for six decades will be welcome news on this side of the Pond but perhaps not so much for European Allies struggling to fund, man, and maintain public support for existing missions.

“NATO must be more lean, agile, and flexible to effectively address the security challenges before it. NATO must move beyond its doctrine of static defense of the 20th Century to become a more proactive Alliance for the modern era…”

NATO is doing much of this already. But in a very limited fashion. And quite reluctantly. 

“Some in the current Strategic Concept debate would have us set up false choices between equally important ambitions. NATO must be able to do several things simultaneously, and reweave the fabric of Alliance political unity while doing so.”

Given how much difficulty the Alliance has had in doing this while concentrating on just one thing — albeit a big thing — in Afghanistan, this is a grand proclamation, indeed. (photo: Atlantic Council)