Libya Soundbites:  Head of the French military, Adm. Gortney, former SACEUR, etc.

Chief of the French Defence Staff Admiral Édouard Guillaud.

From Reuters:  France said the war could drag on for weeks. "I doubt that it will be days," Admiral Edouard Guillaud, the head of French armed forces, told France Info radio. "I think it will be weeks. I hope it will not take months."

From the New York Times:  “Our message to regime troops is simple: stop fighting, stop killing your own people, stop obeying the orders of Colonel Qaddafi,” he [Adm. William Gortney] said. “To the degree that you defy these demands, we will continue to hit you and make it more difficult for you to keep going.” 

From Steven Lee Myers and David D. Kirkpatrick, the New York Times:  “We should never begin an operation without knowing how we stand down,” said Joseph W. Ralston, a retired general who served as NATO commander and vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “We did a no-fly zone over Iraq for 12 years and it did nothing to get rid of Saddam. So why do we think it will get rid of Qaddafi?” …

“We didn’t want to get sucked into an operation with uncertainty at the end,” the senior administration official said. “In some ways, how it turns out is not on our shoulders.”

From Christine Delargy, CBS News:  "The problem with this operation all along, and its not just a U.S. problem, it’s coalition-wide, is there’s been a contradiction between the rhetoric and the fuzziness of what the end state is," [former Under Secretary of State and Amb. to NATO Nicholas] Burns said Friday.

From Karen DeYoung and Edward Cody, the Washington Post:  “Inquiring minds want to know what [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy’s motives are for compelling Les Yankees into a full-fledged military involvement in Libya,” Marc Ginsberg, a former U.S. ambassador to Morocco, wrote Thursday on Huffington Post. “Actually, a French-orchestrated Libyan coup d’etat has less to do with Gaddafi and more to do with Sarkozy’s domestic perils as well as France’s incessant jockeying with Germany for European leadership.”  (photo:

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