Major naval exercise set for Atlantic region

Sailors aboard the Canada

From  For the next two weeks, a major naval exercise involving some 20 warships will unfold off the Atlantic coast, the largest such exercise under Canadian command in the region in decades, according to one naval historian.

As part of the exercise, fighter jets will launch from HMS Ark Royal in the Bay of Fundy this weekend, taking simulated bombing runs toward CFB Gagetown. Naval vessels will practise defusing threats, maritime interdiction and boarding, anti-submarine and electronic warfare, mine counter-measures and co- ordination with air defence.

Task groups from Canada, the United States, Britain and other NATO countries will be involved.

"Nothing on this scale has happened (off the Atlantic coast) since the Cold War, and even then we have to go back to the 1960s to find something on this scale," says Marc Milner, a professor of Canadian naval history at the University of New Brunswick. …

The exercise – dubbed Halcyon RV – will involve more than 5,000 sailors aboard destroyers, frigates and coastal defence vessels.  (photo: Reuters)

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