From NATO:  Fréthun, 25 Feb. 2012 – A memorial was unveiled today in Fréthun, in the North of France, to honour those who died in operations under the NATO flag, passing on their memory to future generations, and fostering further international collaboration concerning war operations and their commemoration.

In addition to local authorities, members of diplomatic bodies, veterans associations, several defence attaches and the local population, the ceremony was also attended by relatives and friends of soldiers who died in NATO missions, principally in Afghanistan, and wounded veterans.

NATO was represented at the ceremony by military personnel of the International Military Staff, on behalf of LtGen Bornemann, Director General of the International Military Staff.

The committee promoting the initiative is composed of two European associations: the French Cercle National des Anciens Militaires Français Stationnés en Allemagne, CNAMFSA, and the European Association of the Bodies and Public Organisms of Security and of Defense, known in French as AE-COPSD.

The choice of Fréthun as the site for the memorial was made because of its proximity to many NATO founder countries and its wide accessibility.