From Reuters: Moldova’s rebel region of Transdniestria said on Monday it was ready to host Russian tactical missiles if the Kremlin were to ask, escalating growing tensions about defence between Moscow and Washington.

NATO and European Union member Romania, which borders Moldova, this month approved a U.S. plan to deploy interceptor missiles which Washington says aims to defend against current and emerging ballistic missile threats from Iran.

It prompted calls for clarification from Russia’s foreign ministry, which said it was concerned.

Interfax news agency quoted regional leader Igor Smirnov as saying on Monday: “We are not against it … As far as Iskander (missile) is concerned, we have long said we are ready.”

Smirnov made clear that the offer was linked to Washington’s plans to deploy elements of its own anti-missile system in Eastern Europe, reported Interfax.

From RIA Novosti: “We confirm… that we could deploy what Russia needs,” Igor Smirnov said.

Commenting on the possible deployment of a missile shield in Romania, he said that although the decision was “Romania’s internal affair,” the deployment of U.S. interceptor missiles “will not be a stabilizing factor.” (photo: ITAR-TASS)